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A business dedicated to helping other businesses succeed, we provide our unique rear projection display solution to customers all around the world.

Our process is simple. Apply our rear projection solution to your store windows and setup a projector and you’ll have the display you want. Our rear projection solution comes in two forms currently, with more in development. Try it as a self-adhesive film or in liquid form to be sprayed using an air compressor and spray gun.

We have a number of projectors that we recommend with our screens to provide the displays we promise. These projectors are usually laser projectors and therefore have a much longer lifespan than typical mercury lamp projectors. Mounting the projectors is usually simple. If you’re not comfortable with it, a local technician can do it for you for a fee.

We can also help you with your media! Once your display is setup we will help you hit the ground running with your first ad. After that, it’s as simple as making a few adjustments on your computer and uploading them to the sign.


Digital Advertising Displays are usually expensive and bulky. Our product offers an aesthetic and affordable alternative.


Visible Vitrum displays are borderless, seamless, and appealing to the eye. Guaranteed to make customers and passersby alike look twice.


While most displays can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, Visible Vitrum offers you a solution at a fraction of the cost plus financing.


Our solution is durable and doesn’t fade over time and the projectors we use are guaranteed for years. Both are warrantied for a long-lasting, dependable advertising solution